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Computer Network Pro offers a large range of products for home and business.



  • Desktop computers starting at around $750.00 (prices change daily)
  • High-quality, brand name components
  • Completely customizable
  • 3 Year parts and labor warranty
  • Manufactured in New York at time of purchase
  • Every machine is stress-tested for 72 hours prior to shipping
  • Free setup and delivery for customers inside Wilmington (trip charge applies for customer outside Wilmington)
  • No need to learn a foreign languange - if you have a problem or a question you talk to us directly not a call center in Asia.


Mid-Tower Desktop PC

This is our most popular PC because of its flexability and power. This design provides ample room for upgrades and excellent airflow to keep everything running cool. These systems can be serve as simple internet computers, business workstations, or powerful gaming and graphics editing machines.


Low Profile Desktop PC

If space is a concern, the low profile desktop is an option worth considdering. It is similar to the Mid-Tower desktop but smaller and designed to lay flat under the monitor to save on space. This design is not quite as upgradable as the mid-tower desktop but will still work well as an internet pc or a business workstation.  

Laptop PC

Our laptops are high quality business machines designed with power and efficiency in mind. They are thin, light weight, and come with all standard features including clear screen technology and wifi. If you are looking for a computer that you can take with you wherever you travel then a laptop is a great choice.




Servers are the workhorses of the information age; quietly humming away in the back room. They are designed from the ground up for stability, reliability, and perfomance. Companies use them to store data, host web pages, serve e-mail, centralize backups, host scheduling software, and to control and secure the other computers on their network.

Or servers offer excellent ventillation with 120mm fans. The front and sides can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. The large case provides ample room for components and future upgrades.




Parts and Upgrades

If we dont stock it, we can find it. Anything from RAM upgrades to hard drives to graphics cards.Call or stop by if you are interested in pricing parts or upgrades.

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