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Live too far outside a city to get broadband?

Don't want to pay for extra speed you dont need?

Tired of your old dial-up provider disconnecting you? 

Go Concepts dial-up internet may be right for you. All it requires is a phone line, a dial-up modem, and a PC running Windows 98 or higher. Go Concepts is a local internet company based out of Lebanon Ohio and is an excellent, no-frills, internet service that comes with up to five e-mail accounts. If you are interested in Go Concepts Dial-Up internet, or want to learn more, give us a call. Go Concepts also has nation-wide access numbers if you would like to dial-up while you are away from home.

Click here to visit Go Concepts webpage.



Broadband internet is sometimes referred to as high-speed internet and is generally 40 -200 times faster than dial-up. If you want to watch moving video or listen to online radio or download very large files, you will need to subscribe to broadband internet.

Also, boradband internet is always on. So there is no more dialing and waiting to connect.

Broadband internet is delivered to you home or business in serveral ways. Such as:

  • Cable
  • Telephone Lines
  • Radio Waves
  • Satelite Dish

Generally the closer you are to a town the better chances you have to be able to receive broadband internet. If all else fails, satelite internet is a last-resort option.

Satelite internet, while still high-speed, is slower to respond than the other high-speed internet types. It is also very costly to install (several hundred dollars) and it is suceptable to the same problems satelite TV has (loss of service during storms or heavy cloud cover).


While Computer Network Pro does not currently offer broadband internet we understand that many people are interested in using it. With that in mind, we have provided links to several broadband internet providers in the Clinton County / South-Western Ohio area.


Cincinnati Road Runner - Cable Internet

Verizon DSL - Telephone Line Internet

In-Touch Wireless - Radio Wave Internet (Wireless)

Clearwire Internet - Radio Wave Internet (Wireless) - Satelite Internet

Wild Blue - Satelite Internet


Computer Network Pro is not affiliated with any of these internet service providers. We are using their their business names and website links soley as informational. Computer Network Pro does not endorse any of the above listed companies.

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